Room Reservation Policy

TDPS Spaces: The Ballroom, Chapter Room, and Seminar Room

  • The Ballroom (Classroom/Rehearsal room number 101 at 220 York Street)
  • The Seminar Room (Classroom/Rehearsal room number 202 at 220 York Street)
  • The Chapter Room (Classroom/Rehearsal room number 201 at 220 York Street)

Room Reservation Policy FAQ

TDPS reserves three spaces at 220 York Street.  The Ballroom (Rm 101), The Chapter Room (Rm 201), and The Seminar Room (Rm 202). The links below will take you to Google Calendars for each space, where you can see their room availability.

TDPS Spaces (Ballroom, Chapter Room, and Seminar Room) are prioritized for Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies classes, curricular productions, and programming. All room reservation requests should be emailed to Alana Conti and include the following information:

  • Day/Date
  • Time
    • Keep in mind we will automatically add a 15-minute break between reservation times. EX. If a reservation ends at 6:00 pm, the next group cannot reserve the space before 6:15 pm.
  • Room
  • Reason (curricular rehearsal, club meeting, etc.). Please make sure to note if you are the curricular project on deck.
  • 1-2 NetIDs to have access to the room (please mention if you already have access and if you are a TDPS declared student).

Curricular projects (TDPS Production Season shows) on deck take priority. We expect curricular productions on deck to plan their rehearsal schedules two weeks in advance so other curricular projects or Yale groups can reserve time weekly.

Please note that all reservations are subject to change.

Day Access Hours

8:00am-8:00 pm: Access with Yale ID Card Only

8:00 pm - Midnight: Pre-authorized access only, access with a Yale ID Card (must leave promptly by midnight)

Midnight - 8:00 am: Closed

Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am - Midnight: Authorized access with Yale ID Card only (must leave promptly by midnight)

Rules for Use of Building

  • Classroom users must respect others using a classroom building by limiting noise and not disturbing materials set up in the halls.
  • Posters must be placed only on bulletin boards in designated locations.
  • Bicycles are not permitted inside buildings; neither rollerblades nor skateboards may be used in buildings.
  • Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in a denial of future requests for use of classroom space.

Rules for use of TDPS rooms

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in classrooms.
  • Reservations are required for the use of any classroom.
  • No entrance or exit doors in the building may be propped open.
  • Rooms may be reserved for meetings, rehearsals, and auditions; they are not to be used for social functions.
  • Neither food nor drink is permitted in classrooms without authorization.
  • Furniture must not be removed from any room and returned to the original configuration.
    • This includes ALL wooden rolling tables and ALL rolling chairs from the other classrooms. Please use the plastic folding tables and chairs already provided for your use.
  • Lights must be turned off, and windows must be closed before leaving rooms.
  • Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in a denial of future requests for use of classroom space.

Additional Guidelines & Services

  • An individual or registered student group who reserves a classroom is responsible for its use and care. Rooms should be left in the same condition as found and cleared of debris.
  • Any charges assessed for damages or excessive cleaning may be passed on to the individual, the registered student group, or the sponsoring organization.
  • Audio Visual Services: Groups requiring AV services should contact Media Services well before any event. Please note that fees are assessed for the provision of audio-visual services.  
  • Custodial Services: A fee to cover cleaning and maintenance of classrooms may be charged for events scheduled in these spaces. For any group needing chairs/tables re-arranged, please complete an FWR.
  • All undergraduate organizations must comply with the Undergraduate Regulations.